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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

Year 7 Confirmation

6th Dec 2019

Preparing children for the sacrament of Confirmation is a shared responsibility and we feel that it is vitally important that you are invited to become involved from the very beginning. Confirmation marks a time for children when they are preparing to move from one stage of their lives to the next. You as parents will have many fears and concerns about how your children will cope in the coming years with the choices they will have to make. Through your involvement in your child’s Confirmation, you are being offered the chance to discuss with them their values, attitudes and beliefs. We want to reassure you of the important role you play in developing your child’s faith.

Here are some practical ways to get involved:

  • • Bring your child to Mass on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning with the rest of your family.
  • • Help your child to learn the prayers which are being taught in school and discuss the Confirmation work they are doing in class.
  • • As a family light a candle and say a prayer each day with your child in preparation for Confirmation.
  • • Read together the story of Pentecost and talk about how the Apostles felt before and after receiving the Holy Spirit.


  • Talk about your child’s Baptism and Holy Communion – when and where they took place, who was there etc.
  • • Attend Masses and any special liturgies which are organised in connection with Confirmation.
  • • Help your child choose a suitable Confirmation name. If he or she chooses the name of a saint or family member, talk about the person whose name they have taken.


Confirmation Liturgy Team

Enkindling the Spirit - Saturday 11 January 2020 - 6.30pm Mass

Moved by the Spirit - Sunday 9 February 2020 - 10.00am Mass

Called by Name - Sunday 1 March 2020 - 12.00 noon Mass

Confirmation Retreat - Wednesday 4 March 2020 - 10am – 12.00 noon

Confirmation Practice - Tuesday 10 March 2020 - 7.00pm

Confirmation - Thursday 12 March - 5pm - Bishop Donal McKeown