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Extended Schools


This year in St Catherine’s we have some exciting and wonderful after school clubs planned for our school. These clubs will be planned for all year groups from Primary 1- Primary 7 throughout the year.

Every term we usually send out a newsletter detailing the exact clubs that will run for that term and what year groups they are available for, however due to the uncertainty in these unprecedented times, this year we will be posting all information on clubs on our website.

Our aim is to provide quality after school’s activities for all our pupils in every year group.

In term 1 we are facilitating…

  • Breakfast Club – Monday to Friday …8.30 – 9.00am on both sites.

    - Family Club – Years 1 and 2 …. Monday – Thursday …2.15 – 3.00pm.

    · Year 2 begin Monday 4th September.

    · Year 1 begin Monday 25th September

    - Soccer Club for Years 7,6 and 5 Boys (Thursdays 3pm-4pm Senior Site) beginning – Monday 2nd October….. Please see rota attached in the newsletter.

    - Netball Club for Years 7,6 and 5 Girls (Mondays 3pm-4pm Junior Site) beginning – Thursday 6th October….. Please see rota attached.

    - Mindfulness (RelaxKids) for Year 6 – during school

    - Booster Club (Literacy and Numeracy) for Year 7 – Monday 18th Sept – Monday 23rd October (6 weeks)

    - Rugbytots

    · Year 4 (Thursday 14th September – Thursday 5th October INCLUSIVE )

    · Year 3 (Thursday 12th October – 9th November INCLUSIVE ) – 3-4pm (Junior Site) – 4 week block each

    - Walking Club –

    · Year 5 – (3-4pm Senior Site – Wednesday 27th September – 18th October – 4 Weeks, facilitated by Mrs C Connolly)

    · Year 4 – (3-4pm Junior Site – Wednesday 27th September – 18th October – 4 Weeks, facilitated by Miss B Kell

We feel that our younger pupils from Year 1 to Year 3 benefit most from a period of settling in during the first term. We aim to facilitate quality after school’s activities for these year groups during term two.


In term 2 we plan to facilitate…

  • - Years 6 and 5 Boys -Soccer Club (Mondays 3-4pm Senior Site) -

    -Years 6 and 5 Girls -Netball Club (Thursdays 3-4pm Senior Site) –

    - KS2 Early Bird Athletics Club (Tuesdays at 8.15am-8.45am)

    - KS2 Beginners Golf (Tuesdays 3pm-4pm Senior Site)

    - KS1 (Years 3 and 4 ) Junior Football Skills (Mondays 3pm-4pm Junior School)

    -Year 6 -Booster Club (Literacy and Numeracy) - beginning Tuesday 20th February (Senior Site) for 4 weeks 

    - Years 2 and 1 Rugbytots (Thursdays 2.15pm-3.15pm Junior School)

    - Years 1 and 3 Yoga (Wednesdays 2.15pm-3pm and 3pm-3.45pm)

    - Years 1 and 2 Family Club (For pupils with siblings in Years 3-7) (Mondays-Thursdays 2.15pm-3pm)

    Relevant Timetables with exact dates are included in the newsletter below. Timetables may be subject to change but if this has to happen we will let you know at the earliest opportunity.

In term 3 we plan to facilitate…


Please note that parents will be informed of upcoming after school clubs pertaining to their child’s class.

We really do hope to see all the children take advantage of these fantastic after school’s clubs throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs C. Gormley

Extended Schools Leader