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Extended Schools Newsletter 2020

This year in St Catherine’s we have some exciting and wonderful after school clubs planned for our school. These clubs will be planned for all year groups from Primary 1- Primary 7 throughout the year.

Every term there will be a newsletter sent out that will detail the exact clubs that will run for that term and what year groups they are available for.

Our aim is to provide quality after school’s activities for all our pupils in every year group. To this end, during term one, we have secured coaching and facilitators for years 4 - 7. We feel that our youngest pupils from Year 1 to Year 3 benefit most from a period of settling in during the first term. We aim to facilitate quality after school's activities for these year groups during term two. Keep an eye out for the Extended School's newsletter at the beginning of term two for all the information regarding after school's activities for our younger pupils from Year 1 to Year 3!!

We really do hope to see all the children take advantage of these fantastic after school’s clubs throughout the year.

In Term 3 the clubs are;

  • Netball for Year 6 + 7 (Mondays 3-4pm on Junior Site)
  • Lego Club for Year 4 (Mondays 3-4pm on Junior Site)
  • Soccer Club for Years 5 and 6 Boys (Mondays 2-3pm Senior Site)
  • Soccer Club for Year 7 Boys and Girls (Thursdays 3-4pm Junior Site)
  • Mindfulness (Relax Kids) for Year 6 - during school
  • Booster Club for Year 7

Thank you for your support

Mrs C. Gormley

Extended Schools Coordinator