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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

We are a Healthy Eating School in St. Catherine’s

7th Sep 2020

Below are the list of foods that are acceptable / not acceptable for Healthy Eating Purposes.

If you have any concerns please consult your child’s teacher.

Foods we consider acceptable:

Foods that are not acceptable:

Fruit (except kiwi)

Nuts or any other products with a nut content / trace

Fruit pots


Rice pots


Custard pots (not chocolate flavour)

Chocolate Bars

Jelly pots

Chocolate yoghurts

Vegetables (eg. carrot sticks / celery sticks)

Chocolate Muller Corners

Sandwiches (no chocolate spreads or no peanut butter)

Chocolate biscuits


Chocolate chip cookies

Wheaten bread

All cereal bars

Pitta bread

Square Bars

Tortilla Bread



Iced Buns

Croissants (no chocolate brioche)


Plain buns

Fruit Winders

Ryvita / crispbreads


Plain biscuits: Rich Tea, Digestives,

Plain Crackers and Belvita Plain Biscuits

Cheese / Dairylea Triangles /

Cheese Slices / Baby Bel /

Cheese Strings

Breadsticks / Pretzels

Rice Cakes

Snack a Jacks