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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

Speech Feis

3rd Feb 2020

Gentle reminder: Speech Feis begins on Thursday 27th February and will close on Monday 2nd March. Children will receive their entry cards with all the competition details in due course. If anyone is unsure about the arrangements please have a wee word with your child’s teacher who will be only too happy to clarify.

Staff will be supporting children in school by practicing the poems with them in class. Please assist them at home also!

The whole idea of participating in Speech Feis is to allow children the chance to build resilience and overcome anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of others…the more they do this, the more accustomed to it they get and the more confidence they can build over time!

Past pupils have reported that as a result of entering and preparing for Feis they felt better able to speak in front of an audience and felt better equipped in life even as far as to say they could get on better with job interviews etc as they were able to overcome the "butterflies in their tummies!".

We are so proud of all their children and their talents/ strengths. Regardless of independent adjudicators, every child who has entered will receive a certificate from our school to celebrate their participation.

Let the Speech Feis begin!!