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NEW Parent Home Learning Support Area on our WEBSITE

29th Mar 2020


Dear Parent/ Guardian,

News about our NEW Parent Home Learning Support Area on our website. We hope that you will
find this useful both for yourselves and ultimately your little children. Please feel free to explore
the range of links here to various learning sites for ideas for Home Learning, support while Home
Learning, games that can be played by and with children and some simple lesson ideas that can be

You are not expected to use all of the resources here at all. These are only ideas and because we
are all such individual learners, some of these will work for us and some will not. It is so important
to stress that you can only try to do your best. This is a form of Distance Learning and is therefore
far from perfect and cannot replace a teacher in the classroom with all the differentiation and
support that school provides on a daily ongoing basis. In addition (most of our staff who had the
resources available) made a little video/podcast message for the children to let them know they
are thinking of them!

I have been in contact with them all and they asked me to convey this to you in this letter, they do
miss our little children and eagerly await the chance to be reunited with them again. We posted a
special little facebook message to our Year 7 pupils (attached in this newsletter also)who we know
are experiencing anxiety at the minute as it is their last year of school. I urge you not to worry as
we will bring everyone back for a farewell party even if it means doing this in September!
Points to note;

  1. These links to learning sites/apps can be just a different way of learning and practicing some
    2. Videos/podcasts can be fun to watch.
    3. Worksheets can be downloaded, printed off and completed for practice at home only if you can!
    4. Online educational games can be fun.
    5. Practical Activity suggestions can be tried at home with an idea for learning but most of all just
    for fun.
    6. Reading- keep your child reading as much as possible as this is invaluable!
    7. Free Play and independent imaginative play is crucial especially for younger children.
    8. Meditation links and links to our Grow in Love Spiritual Religious Programme can soothe our
    children and help them make sense of the world especially when they are anxious….do not be
    afraid to use them. This is very important for well being.

Remember you cannot do it all- you should not even attempt that. You know your child best;
simply do your best together!

On Thursday 19th March Home Learning Packs were sent to you. There was enough learning in this
pack for one month. At the end of April, you may effectively have exhausted all the resources in
this pack. (Do not worry if you have not completed everything!)

You may wish to have access to further learning opportunities.

You will see here a link for every year group in our school from Nursery – Year 7 with a link also to
additional Learning Support Resources for Years 4-7 Pupils/ Parents.

When you click on any link below from Wednesday 22nd April onwards (all being well) you will see
various resources for continued learning prepared by your teachers in each Year Group Team
coupled. Staff will have also prepared a little plan for learning for you too in this exceptional
circumstance to try to guide Home Learning in the absence of your child being at school to have it
explained directly to them.

Use these in conjunction with the other links to websites and apps to continue with Home Learning
if needed and if you and your family are well enough to do so.

Our staff have prepared these resources now even though they too have health concerns for
themselves and their families. They have done their best for you and your child, please keep them
too in your prayers.

We will seek to keep in touch with you via text message, website, school app and social media.
In the meantime stay safe, value family, value health, value the simple things;

Look after each other,

God bless,

Mrs. Wilders and the Entire Staff Team and Governance Team of St. Catherine’s Nursery and
Primary School.