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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

Updated School Attendance Policy

5th Dec 2019

Our little children should be encouraged to keep their attendance NO LESS THAN 90% . If attendance falls below 90% then a letter will be sent from school to raise awareness. It is understood that from time to time children may have illness which prevents them from coming to school. If this happens your child please let the school know as soon as possible and send a WRITTEN NOTE with your child explaining the absence when they return to school so that teachers can change the attendance code on the computer system which reflects this explanation. If your child experiences any other issues that prevents them from being able to attend school, please approach the teacher immediately and all efforts will be made to help and support. Remember if your child misses school, they miss out! (Please note that attendance at Nursery is not compulsory but we encourage good school attendance practices for all our little pupils!)