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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

COVID 19 Top Tip Reminders for Parents/ Carers:

7th Sep 2020

1. Every possible precaution will be taken to keep our little children and their staff safe in school.

2.Temperatures of children will be taken upon arrival to school and if a child’s temperature is 38 degrees centigrade or above, parents will be called to take child home from school until they feel better. See Quick Guidance on COVID 19 Absences below.

3.Children will be encouraged to handwash/ sanitise regularly.

4. Children will be organised in Class Bubble groups which will not mix with other Bubble Groups so as to control any spread of infection.

5. There will be no gatherings of pupils/ staff for morning prayers, assemblies or canteen lunchtimes. Meals will be delivered to the class rooms. There will be no after school clubs/ breakfast club/ family clubs for the foreseeable future. We will let you know if this changes.

6. Children will have their own exercise books, text books and stationery packs in school and will not be required to share resources with each other.

7. Children should have wipeable lunch boxes with NO CLOTH ideally. Children may bring a bottle of water to school and should take it home to be sterilised at the end of each day.

8. Parents are asked to regularly wash uniforms for their children to control the spread of infection.

9. Children do NOT require school bags. There will be no homework for the foreseeable future but more details will follow about Spellings, Tables, Home Reading and Homework when our children settle in.

10. Communication between home and school has never been more important than it is now. If your child is sick or has COVID 19 Symptoms or if someone in the family has symptoms or has tested positive….PLEASE INFORM THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY and keep your child at home for the correct isolation period as guided by Medical Staff. In order to control the spread of COVID 19 it is crucial that the school know what is happening.

11. Every effort is being made to ensure safety in school. Parents/ carers have a responsibility for their own safety outside of the school gates. We ask you to wear face coverings if you can and adhere to Social Distancing measures to protect yourselves and your children.

12. You can communicate with your child’s teacher, Vice Principal or Principal by email and we will endeavor to respond to these within the working day. You can also ring the school and seek to make a socially distanced appointment. Unfortunately all parent meetings can no longer be handled by just "popping in" to school. All meetings must be by appointment only.

13. All visitors to school will have a temperature check upon arrival and will be asked to wear a face covering while in school.

14.Welcome Packs have been emailed by staff to every parent. Clear guidance is included in this pack for you with accompanying resources. Please read it carefully. Contact details for staff are also included in the pack and in previous school letters to you.

15. This is a time of great change and adjustment for us all! We understand and appreciate this but if we work together and communicate regularly, we will get there! We need your support, patience and understanding. If you are unsure of something or have important questions to ask about the New Arrangements or any other queries , please approach us by phoning or email in order to gain clear answers. (Queries will also be addressed by PRIVATE MESSAGE to the School Facebook Page).We will respond to you and will be only too happy to clarify.