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Coronavirus Advice Super Safe Superheroes

7th Sep 2020


People are talking about Coronavirus because it is a new type of flu.

 Just like with other colds and flu, it is important to look after ourselves and keep healthy.

 Children and adults are very good at fighting flu

 Just like all colds and flus, it can be harder for older people or people with illnesses to stay healthy from the flu

I can stay healthy by:

Washing our hands in soap:

 After preparing food

 After sneezing or blowing your nose

 Before eating

 After using the bathroom

 After playtime

I can stay healthy by:

 Not touching my face

 Not biting by nails

 Not touching outside door handles and railings

 Using hand sanitiser

I can keep others healthy by:

 Coughing and sneezing into my elbow

 Putting used tissues in the bin

 Staying at home if I feel sick

Just like all colds and flu it will go away, we have to be patient and safe until it goes away.

 I do not need to worry as adults will look after me

 If I am unsure about anything I can talk to my parents and teachers.