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St. Laurence OTooles Primary School Belleeks

Celebrating our August Birthdays …..🍰🍭🥤

1st Jun 2020

Happy birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday….Happy Birthday to you!


Lauren Diver Year 3 1st August
Tommy O'Neill-Bates Year 4 1st August
Liam Doyle Year N 2nd August
Niall Dougherty Year 7 3rd August
Carson Duffy Year N 6th August
Clara Kelly Year 2 6th August
Ava Ward Year 2 6th August
Lola-Grace Barkley Year 4 9th August 
Brianne Harper Year 2 10th August
Finn Ridewood-Duddy Year 4 10th August
Maisie Porter Year 4 12th August
Aoibhe Ruddy Year 4 12th August
Alex McLaughlin Year N 13th August
Kyra O'Neill Year 3 14th August
David Brennan Year 3 15th August
Amber Quinn Year 1 15th August
Charleigh-Ann Hegarty Year N 16th August
Kathleen McLoone Year 7 17th August
Amira McGrinder-McElhinney Year 5 18th August
Zachary Barr Year 6 20th August
Carla Brennan Year 6 21st August
Lara McCay Year 4 21st August
Amber Mohan Year 7 21st August
Darragh Mullen Year 5 21st August
Martin O'Neill Year 1 21st August
Lucy-Marie McGrath Year 4 22nd August
Sophia McLaughlin Year 2 22nd August
Larissa Arkinson Year 5 23rd August
Eoghan Duffy Year 2 23rd August
Clianna Farrell Year 1 24th August
James King Year 5 24th August
Letecia McGarvey-Gilloway Year 1 24th August
Oran McShane Year 6 25th August
Niamh McClay-Logue Year 2 26th August
Martha McLoone Year 5 26th August
Jack Doherty Year N 27th August
Cormac Murphy Year 2 27th August
Ava Stewart Year 4 27th August
Fianna Gallagher Year 6 28th August
Max McDermott Year N 28th August
Connor Crossan Year 1 29th August
Freya Devenney Year 4 30th August
Scarlet McMonagle Year N 30th August
Darren McCrossan Year N 31st August