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St. Laurence O’Toole’s Primary School Belleeks

πŸ“š myON πŸ“š

16th Oct 2020

Dear parent/carer,

*    Your child has logged on to their MyON account in school today.

*    We have attached a step by step guide for you to explain how they can easily access the site.

*    They have adjusted their settings to suit their interests.

*    Their MyON account can now be accessed from home on computer/laptop/ipad or phone with the login details written on this page.

*    Your child will now have access to thousands of free online books which they can read at their leisure!

*    There is also a setting where they can have the story read aloud to them.

*    Your child can also access Accelerated Reader quizzes from this site, once they have completed the book.

*    This allows them to continue to add to their points value in school for prizes!

*    We feel that this a wonderful opportunity for the children and would encourage you to make the most of this valuable resource. We hope they enjoy it! 🀩